Social and Environmental Responsibility

How does Madero make the world better?



From the construction of restaurants to the Group’s Central Kitchen, in Ponta Grossa (PR), there is no shortage of examples of sustainable actions. Starting with the construction waste disposal system. Nowadays, on average, 90% of construction waste is destined for reuse or recycling, considerably reducing the impact on land. As the responsible team follows the project work through to completion, safety and efficiency are also guaranteed.

Central Kitchen

The Central Kitchen is equipped with an Effluent Treatment Station, which treats the water used and returns it to nature 100% pure and treated. This water is so clean that it serves as a home for the fish kept in the pond outside the Central Kitchen.


In the Container business model, there is an average reduction of 77% in water consumption, thanks to the rainwater reuse system, and 14% in electricity consumption. This type of restaurant, by the way, is another great differential of the Group, after all, it reuses steel structures that could no longer be used to transport cargo and would be incorrectly disposed of in nature. After being reformed, they are perfectly suited to civil construction and are transformed into relaxed and comfortable spaces through the Group’s architecture and engineering departments. In the Madero Steak House restaurants, based on its guidelines and sustainable practices, the Madero Group manages to reduce on average 35% the consumption of water and 14% of electricity consumption.

Another action with a significant impact on restaurants is CO2 monitoring. The sensors are able to indicate the presence of a large number of people in the environment and, in this way, increase the air renewal – an initiative of great importance, especially for the current moment.

Ecoparada Madero

The gastronomic complex, which bears the DNA of sustainability in its name, respects ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards and initiatives that contribute to the preservation of the environment. The project has a composting bin, where all the organic waste collected will be used as fertilizer for the Madero Group’s restaurant beds. There is also the collection and use of rainwater for reuse in bathrooms, and irrigation of more than 4,000 ornamental seedlings and 320 square meters of green roof. Another measure is the capture of solar energy, through photovoltaic panels, which produce clean energy and feed the entire lighting and controls system, in addition to the charging point for electric cars in the parking lot.

The architectural project is by Kethlen Ribas Durski, where visitors enjoy comfortable, modern and sophisticated environments, as well as access to various services and convenience. There is a bicycle rack for cyclists and bicycle rental is available for trips on the path through nature. Connectivity is also a highlight, with free Wi-Fi, outlets at meal tables and the convenience of 24-hour ATMs. We have a modern Kids Space designed with toys and games for accompanied children and for the comfort of mothers, the Family Bathroom was planned with changing tables and armchairs for breastfeeding. Pets were also remembered, with the Pet Space, which offers its own structure for their safety and needs.


The Madero Group is committed to the sustainable development of society and the country, and for this reason, it has adopted a responsible strategy for generating jobs, mostly aimed at young people in situations of social vulnerability, without previous experience in the field and residing in cities from the interior of Brazilian states.

The Group’s mission goes beyond offering a profession to these young people, it focuses on the development of citizenship, providing better opportunities for personal and professional development through the achievement of their first job and internal programs. The Company is also concerned with welcoming, providing houses equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for their comfort, in addition to providing three meals a day and lectures on important topics for their well-being.

In addition, the cultural diversity promoted by the coexistence of young people from all over Brazil in homes, provides the exchange of insights, enriching knowledge, favoring the construction of a plural and aggregating cultural identity. These opportunities and jobs make them grow, empower them, change stories of entire families and often the reality of future generations.

Donation Actions

The Madero Group is very proud of making a better world every day. But, what really makes our hearts overflow is being able to see this materialize in the sincere smiles and the sparkle in the eyes of each of the children and people who participated in our donation actions.

Better than the solidarity actions and collections carried out, it was the feeling of hope and love that we managed to transmit to all benefited people and families.

Some of the actions taken in 2021:

– On World Hamburger Day, 1,100 Cheeseburgers were delivered to patients and employees of the Erasto Gaertner Hospital, located in Curitiba/PR;

– Sale of 2,115 Cheeseburgers reverted to Lar dos Idosos São Vicente de Paulo, an institution that provides residential care to elderly people aged 60 or over who are in social vulnerability, so that they receive care for their general well-being, health, food and leisure;

– Donation of 200 Panettone to the Café do Bem Project, which provides food and clothing for homeless people;

– Donation of 600 Cheeseburgers for needy entities.