Board of Directors and Management

Executive Officers

The board of executive officers is our executive body, and is responsible for the management of our corporate activities. The board is composed of a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 members, shareholders or otherwise, residing in Brazil, of which one is Chief Executive Officer, one is Investor Relations Officer, one is Chief Financial Officer, one is Chief Operating Officer, one is Chief Engineering Officer, one is Chief Quality Officer and the others, if elected, shall take office without specific designation and with such powers as set by the board of directors. 

Name Position Date of Election Term
Luiz Renato Durski Junior Chief Executive Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Ariel Leonardo Szwarc Chief Financial Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Rafael de Oliveira Mello Chief Operating Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Ronaldo Igesca Valverde Chief Engineering Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Nicolas Raymond Gorguet Chief Quality Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Marcelo Gil Aldenucci Investor Relations Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Hianaê Schramm Officer 01/2023 01/2025
Murillo Piloto Proença Officer 01/2023 01/2025

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is the decision-making body responsible for establishing our general business policies, as well as controlling and overseeing our performance and other duties established by our bylaws. Meetings of our board of directors are held whenever convened by any member of our board of directors.

The Bylaws provide that the Board of Directors must be composed of at least 9 and at most 11 effective members, shareholders or not, resident in the country or not, elected and removed by the General Shareholders’ Meeting, with a unified mandate of 2 years, considering each year as the period between 2 Ordinary General Meetings, reelection being allowed. Among the members of the Board of Directors, at least 2 or 20% of them, whichever is greater, must be independent directors, as defined in the Novo Mercado Regulation and provided for in the Internal Regulation of the Board of Directors.

Name Position Date of Election Term
Fernando Cezar Dantas Porfírio Borges Chairman 02/2023 02/2025
Brandon Reid Staub Director 02/2023 02/2025
Luiz Renato Durski Junior Director 02/2023 02/2025
Ariel Leonardo Szwarc Director 02/2023 02/2025
Giuglio Paolo Munaretto Director 02/2023 02/2025
Hianaê Schramm Director 02/2023 02/2025
Maysa Ditzel Durski Munaretto Director 02/2023 02/2025
Lucia Maria Martins Casasanta Independent Director 02/2023 02/2025
Martin Secco Arias Independent Director 02/2023 02/2025
Edson Gustavo Georgette Peli Alternate Director 02/2023 02/2025
Luiz Fernando Berbetz Martins Alternate Director 04/2023 02/2025