Statutory Audit Committee

We have a statutory audit committee, which fully complies with the requirements of the Novo Mercado listing rules and partially complies with CVM regulations.

The committee, an advisory body linked to the board of directors, is endowed with operational autonomy and is composed of at least three members, of which: (i) at least one member must be an independent board member; (ii) at least one must have recognized experience in corporate accounting matters; and (iii) one member may accumulate qualifications described in items (i) and (ii). No member may be our controlling shareholder or director, or subordinate to a director or controlling shareholder, directly or indirectly, or of our subsidiaries, affiliates or other companies under common control.

The following table lists the members of our audit committee:

Name Position Date of Election Term
Lucia Maria Martins Casasanta Member 05/2022 07/2023
Martin Secco Arias Member 07/2021 07/2023
Karin Monchak Member 07/2021 07/2023